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Genie Barrett maggie.gene at
Wed Apr 13 11:38:00 PDT 2005

Mellissa Allison stepped close to the microphone and whispered:

>Genie spake thusly:
> > Any more questions?
>   Yes, actually... :-)
>   Did you have charts for the game boards or did you design them yourself?

See my other post.  We just found a design online, and printed it off to 
the correct size.  Some people just copied them onto the fabric following 
the threads, which is what I did.  I decided that I wanted each section to 
be so many inches, and then measured that out.  I used a regular pencil to 
draw a line down between threads, so that I wouldn't cross threads.  I have 
a thing about a design being square to the even weave fabric.

>How did you measure the circles (fold fabric into quarters, string and
>chalk, tracing a huge salad bowl)?

I used the string and chalk method, but I really was not scientific about 
it.  I figured that they didn't have to be perfect circles.

>Would it be easy to sew piping around
>the edge to dress it up?

Yes.  I personally hate the stuff, but since you are basically sewing a 
round pillow that will never get stuffed, you can just put it into the seam.

>Did you stay stitch the edge of the circle?

Yes.  I just zig-zagged the edges.  I used one of the 'pretty' stitches 
that my machine has, and I hardly ever use, right against the outside seam 
after turning it right sides out, I think I used the feather-like one, to 
keep it flat, and close off the open part.  The board itself, I zig-zagged 
and then turned it under a half inch or so and used the same stitch to 
aplique it on (of course I did that before sewing front to back.)

>How did
>you secure the ties to the bags, or did you secure them at all?

We first tried to make a channel around the edge with a draw string, but 
the string we were using did not slip at all.  Since it was hand made, and 
donated, we decided to just attach it (I used a zig-zag with stitch length 
at 0) at one place about an inch or so down from the edge on the outside, 
and tied it around a gathered up circle.

>What were
>your ties constructed of?

She did lucet cord out of wool.

>Would lucet cord work well for this?


>Would this
>project lend itself well to handsewing?

Yes.  Very much so, since you would then be able to do a nice applique with 
the board itself, and then be more exact with the sewing of the edges together.

Have fun, and if anything doesn't make sense, just ask

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