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Wed Apr 13 15:52:30 PDT 2005

I like it .. and have considered something similar. I have been playing for over ten years and still make things that are not exactly period. If I like the way it looks and it looks period, then I don't worry too much. It is not like I am going to enter it into a competition.
I am working on one made from trellis embossed fabric and will be doing some beadwork on it for my daughter's wedding in October in Antir (SP?)

Genie Barrett <maggie.gene at> wrote:
Janie Hanes stepped close to the microphone and whispered:

>I love the sidless.. is that on satin?

Thanks. No, it's a cotton/polly, I think. I started it when I very first 
began to do historical costuming (on month in the SCA) and did everything 
wrong. I know, now, that you can't find documentation of Celtic knotwork 
on a sideless, but I love it anyway just because of all the work it 
took. It catches a lot of eyes, too.

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