[HNW] Gold for Couching

Fletcher Martha mrfletcher21133 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 14 07:25:42 PDT 2005


There is also Berlin Embroidery out of Canada.


--- Catherine Kinsey <ckinsey at kumc.edu> wrote:
> Hedgehog does have a website: 
> http://www.hedgehoghandworks.com/ 
> Another source that Linn Skinner recommends is: 
> http://www.bentonandjohnson.com/
> They are in England and can be slow to respond.  I
> think Linn is busy
> at the CATS show in Burbank this weekend or she
> probably would have
> responded too.
> And speaking of, Linn has a couple of goldwork
> classes she teaches, and
> I know one includes underside couching.  You can
> contact her through her
> website:  http://skinnersisters.com/ .  Not
> affiliated, just another
> happy student :).
> Catherine

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