[HNW] Gold for Couching

Robin Berry rlberry at coastside.net
Thu Apr 14 10:15:23 PDT 2005

For the gold to couch I use Benton and Johnson. With the web ordering, 
I have my stuff in about 10 days usually. If what you want is not on 
the website send them a fax or call. The ladies in the sales room are 
quite knowledgeable.

I do the sewing portion with Au Ver Soie 100/3 - they have several 
colors of gold, silver and copper. They also have a nice red which is 
also very medieval to do patterned couching.

For underside couching you can use the Au Ver Soie as well. You need a 
thread that will not be cut easily by the gold. The real key is the 
topside gold which needs to be thin enough to be able to be pulled 
through yet of good enough quality that it will not shred.

Remember in all goldwork, bees wax is your friend.

Benton and Johnson's also has a fine "sewing" weight gold thread. I 
love it and use it for hints of gold with blackwork or for sewing down 
spangles (of course red silk is also medieval).

Hedgehog/Jodie is wonderful to work with as well. If she is more local, 
go to her by all means.

Robin L. Berry/being Sabrina de la Bere, Guild Patron West Kingdom 
Needleworkers Guild in the SCA

"So simple, so beautiful, so easy - ask me how."
Needlework Blog: http://broider-baroness.blogspot.com
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