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Fletcher Martha mrfletcher21133 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 14 13:23:00 PDT 2005


I am Martha Fletcher! :-)

My email address is MRFletcher (Martha Ruth) You
should see all of the viagra and the "Increase Your
You-Know-What!" ads I get in my mail box!

Thank you! You are very kind. :-) I love to see your
work also. I'm very envious of your talent. The best
thing about it is you make embroidery that you use!
I'm not much for pictures to just hang on the wall.
That is why I'm still in the SCA after all these
years. I can do the needlework and then actually use

I hope we can see more pictures of your work soon!

Martelle Von Charlottenburg (SCA name)
AKA- Martel
AKA- Martha

--- Bjarne og Leif Drews <drewscph at post12.tele.dk>
> Hi Fletcher,
> Checked on your webpages and i enjoyed your medieval
> purses. How beautifull 
> they are. Fun to read about your diary two. I really
> should be spring 
> cleaning two but there is an event in sweden next
> month, and it probably is 
> the only desent event this year, so i wont miss it.
> And i have a suit to sew 
> in a month, edged with silver bobbin lace, wich i
> still am making. Today i 
> made lace with designed corners to fit the pocket
> flaps, and they will also 
> apear on the cuffs.
> So my springcleaning have to be early summer
> cleaning in stead :-)
> Sorry about this off topic, but i could not resist
> posting......
> Bjarne

"If at first you do succeed, try not to look astonished." 

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