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Thank you for the tips! I know I appreciate them very

Bright Hills, Atlantia

--- Robin Berry <rlberry at coastside.net> wrote:
> For the gold to couch I use Benton and Johnson. With
> the web ordering, 
> I have my stuff in about 10 days usually. If what
> you want is not on 
> the website send them a fax or call. The ladies in
> the sales room are 
> quite knowledgeable.
> I do the sewing portion with Au Ver Soie 100/3 -
> they have several 
> colors of gold, silver and copper. They also have a
> nice red which is 
> also very medieval to do patterned couching.
> For underside couching you can use the Au Ver Soie
> as well. You need a 
> thread that will not be cut easily by the gold. The
> real key is the 
> topside gold which needs to be thin enough to be
> able to be pulled 
> through yet of good enough quality that it will not
> shred.
> Remember in all goldwork, bees wax is your friend.
> Benton and Johnson's also has a fine "sewing" weight
> gold thread. I 
> love it and use it for hints of gold with blackwork
> or for sewing down 
> spangles (of course red silk is also medieval).
> Hedgehog/Jodie is wonderful to work with as well. If
> she is more local, 
> go to her by all means.
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> Patron West Kingdom 
> Needleworkers Guild in the SCA

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