[HNW] Extant Examples of German Embroidery

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Fri Apr 15 08:44:45 PDT 2005

In a message dated 4/15/05 11:06:33 AM, kayta at frys.com writes:

<< I couldn't get the ends 
of the individual stitches to line up.  This made what ought to have been 
be straight lines be all zig-zaggy and irregular instead.

It *sounds* like your fabric was not even weave. In other words, the count of 
the threads is different horziontally and vertically. That would cause your 
motifs to not line up correctly.

Years ago I got some great advice that's really true: if you're having 
trouble with a project, look at the materials before you blame yourself. Almost 100% 
of the time it is your materials that are fighting you, not any lack of 
skill. In your case, I'd say that you're thread (pearle cotton) is WAY too thick 
for the thread count of your fabric. Also, if your fabric is of undeterminate 
fiber origin, it could be a blend that simply doesn't like to be worked with 
thread. It also sounds like the thread count of the fabric may be too small for 
what you're trying to do. Have you thought about going over two threads, 
instead of one, in your design? That would double the size of the motifs but might 
make for easier stitching.

You might also think about finding inexpensive silk (and there IS such a 
thing!). Splendor is an excellent silk thread, it's readily available, comes in 
dozens of colors, and it's only a couple bucks a card. It's 12 ply, so one card 
can go a long way. If silk simply isn't in your budget, then I don't see a 
problem with using DMC at all. Use what you can find, get the best you can 
afford, make something beautiful, and don't worry about it!


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