[HNW] Silk thread (was: Extant Examples of German Embroidery)

gwenneth@dona.sca.org gwenneth at dona.sca.org
Fri Apr 15 09:33:01 PDT 2005

> I can't afford silk thread, and can barely afford
> perle cotton, but  I see that I'll have to buy more
> thread of some kind.  Once I figure out
> how to get my stitches lined up, I don't want them so
> long that they look  sloppy and I don't want to hide
> the details by using thread that's too thick.
>         CarolynKayta Barrows

For medium-fine counted work, I really like the 100/3
Gutermann silk thread.  It's smooth and even.  (I find
Splendor kind of fuzzy.)  At $4 for 100m, it's quite
affordable.  It might be too fine for 35-count, but
there are larger sizes available which I haven't tried. 
Here's a link where you can get it.



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