[HNW] Experiences with black work

Catherine Kinsey ckinsey at kumc.edu
Fri Apr 15 09:38:32 PDT 2005


Lots of good advice here, may I add my own:  I love working blackwork
on linen, part of the reason I am now such a linen slut.  Come to the
linenside Kayta....... :).

I just finished a shirt where I tried to free-hand some counted thread
fill patterns, ended up counting the threads anyway (with the help of
magnification).  This was on a handkerchief weight linen.  I have some
pics, just have to find a place to post them.  I used one strand of
Needlepoint Inc. silk.  I like this brand as it is 1: color fast and 2:
doesn't fuzz up like some other brands.  When using one strand a skein
of silk goes much further than you might think.  I used barely one skein
of Soie d'alger for another project that was scattered motifs on 2
sleeves.  Come to the silkside....... :) :) .

I use stem stitch a *lot*, altho I have learned when stitching dark on
light, using one fine strand of thread, I have to watch my stitching and
keep them a little tighter, especially on the curves.  

And from your posts I'm positive you can embroider, and do it well :)
:) :).


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