[HNW] Extant Examples of German Embroidery

Alex Doyle garbaholic at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 15 10:03:36 PDT 2005

  The first time there was some nameless thin cotton, some
> #12 (?) perle cotton, and 7-count waste canvas.  The second time
there was some shirt-weight linen > scraps (maybe 35 threads per inch),
the same perle cotton, and no waste  canvas.  But whether I counted the
threads or not, I couldn't get the ends of the individual stitches to
line up.  This made what ought to have been be straight lines be all
zig-zaggy and irregular instead.
A rule that seems to work for me is that the thread to embroider with
should be about the thickness of the thread the cloth is woven with, so
it would be my guess a lot of your problem here is that the perle
cotton is too heavy for your cloth.  To save cost I'd get either some
regular DMC floss, or even regular sewing thread and try a sample, that
may take care of your problem.

I've seen projects worked with two strands of black silk floss and that
was too much, so I'd try a thinner floss to embroider with.


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