[HNW] learning blackwork

Jeannie H kyrithia at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 15 10:28:10 PDT 2005


All the blackwork discussion has gotten me interested in learning it.  What 
you all recommend a good book to learn from?

I'm obviously interested in ones with a more historical slant if there's a 
choice (unlike the one I've got).

***I need something with actually how to work the blackwork, not just a 
historical discussion (interesting, but not practical for learning).  I'd 
like something with some examples to practice.  I've got a couple of books 
but neither has good instructions.  One has a few charts but not how to work 
it.  I'm reasonably decent at needlework in general but what's in my books 
isn't enough.

I've seen the skinnersisters stuff and they had a couple books that looked 
like they might do.  What is your opinions on that?  Or where else should I 

Thanks in advance,
Grainne Finneadan

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