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I know many of you on this list are well experienced embroiderers with much knowledge and skill. :-)  However, I know many of us are asked how we create the things with we with needle and thread and hear sighs of "gee, I wish I could do something like that."  I've put together a class for just those type of people through The Costume Gallery (www.costumegallery.com).  This class is geared toward the absolute beginner.  We'll be holding a Part 2 of the class in July too.  The nice thing about an internet class is that you can learn the skill in the privacy of your own home...no one has to see how many stitches you pick out!  LOL
Beginning Embroidery:  Techniques Used From 1916-1920: Part 1
This is truly a basic beginner class intended for those who have never held a hoop, put thread to needle or had any experience with the art of embroidery.  I'm using a great find of a 1916 instructional booklet found by Penny (owner of Costume Gallery and a member of this list) that is a great primer for embroidery.  In this first class we'll be going over supplies, equipment, transferring design, and focus will be on the actual preparation of the fabric for stitching and learning stitches themselves.  Students will be taught what are considered the "building block" stitches:
      running stitch
     double running stitch
      cross stitch (if time several of the forms of this stitch such as long-arm, etc. may be taught)
      chain stitch
      stem stitch
      French knots
      and finally, the ever popular satin stitch.
I'm sure this class is probably way to basic for most of the members on the list, but if someone you know is really wanting to learn the basic of embroidery from the comfort of his or her own home through an internet course, please pass the info along.
To check out the syllabus of the class, go to :
scroll down to the classes for May and click on the link for
Beginning Embroidery: Techniques Used from 1910 - 1920: Part 1 
PS - BTW - Threads Magazine (Dec. 2004 issue) rated the Costumes Classroom as one of the top five best sewing schools on the web!! As one of her instructors I can tell you Miss Penny runs a tight ship!
Thanks for listening to this educational announcement...

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