[HNW] Re: blackwork

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Fri Apr 15 23:32:39 PDT 2005

>I envy you the ability to just walk over to Lacis.  I'm going to cruise 
>their website for some netting to do Lacis embroidery upon.

And I envy those people who live shopping distance from the LA Garment 
District, so we're even ;)  At least Lacis has a website...

But now I don't need to go to Lacis any time soon.  My local Michael's did 
have the tatting cotton yours had.  DMC brand too!  They had it in red, 
white, maybe some green, some really silly pink variegated, and black.  It 
was size 80 like you said, but I'm sure I've seen a different brand in size 
70 in larger balls.  OTOH, Lacis would have had every color made, from 
possibly two or three different manufacturers or even some leftover antique 
stuff, for more per ball than at Michael's, and they would have closed at 
like 5pm today.

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