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Yes, stretch your work, by controlling your fabric in
a frame or hoop, your work will come out much neater
and even. Some advocate working in hand but I feel
that you can't get the best results unless your ground
fabric is    straight on the grain and tight. 

The smaller thread will look skimpy next to the larger
but in most cases you would only be working in one
size so the overall look would be balanced. 

I would recommend you work a spot sampler of different
threads in the same pattern so you can see how the
threads compare to each other.

A little tip- after your work is done and you clean
and  press it, the embroidery will improve in it's
"lay". The tight spots will loosen thus taking up some
of the slack in other areas.

Don't worry about the proper size right now work on
getting the stitches down. you could use 32 threads to
the inch fabric and work over 2 threads. (this will
give you 16 stitches to the inch). Use a smaller count
maybe 28 to the inch and work over tow threads) fabric
if 32 is too small for you.

Practice also makes perfect. You are seeing there are
issues but only by sticking with it will you see
improvement. Again a spot sampler rather than a
regular project. The pressure of doing it "right"
because you need to wear it is off and you can work on

The secret to waste canvas is to stitch in the holes
of the previous stitches. Do make sure all of you
stitches connect! But please don't use waste canvas
the end result will not look good at all. 

You want to learn how and I have confidence you will!


--- Carolyn Kayta Barrows <kayta at frys.com> wrote:
> I'm back to feeling inept again.  The tatting cotton
> arches over the 
> surface of my linen in big flabby loops, and looks
> skimpy next to the 
> sample I did in #12 perle cotton.  Then I tried some
> #20 crochet cotton, 
> and aside from the fact that off-white was all I
> had, the stitching looks 
> unuseably bad here too.  The ends of the stitches
> don't match up even if 
> the threads are coming and going in the same holes,
> and what should be 
> straight lines aren't anything like straight or
> continuous.
> I'm feeling really frustrated that I can't make this
> work, and I really 
> have no idea what to do next.
> OK.  What count of linen and size of thread and
> needle should I be using to 
> make this work?  How many threads should I be
> counting for each 
> stitch?  Must I use an embroidery hoop or frame? 
> What's the trick for 
> using waste canvas, such that the stitches line up
> neatly when it is pulled 
> out?

"If at first you do succeed, try not to look astonished." 

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