[HNW] icky blackwork

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at frys.com
Sat Apr 16 08:54:58 PDT 2005

>The smaller thread will look skimpy next to the larger
>but in most cases you would only be working in one
>size so the overall look would be balanced.

I didn't like the loopy look with the smaller thread.  And even looking 
only at that part, it looked skimpy.

>I would recommend you work a spot sampler of different
>threads in the same pattern so you can see how the
>threads compare to each other.

I have been doing just that since my first try came out so badly.  Nothing 
looks right so far.

>A little tip- after your work is done and you clean
>and  press it, the embroidery will improve in it's
>"lay". The tight spots will loosen thus taking up some
>of the slack in other areas.

That's the first thing I tried when the waste canvas came out.  But it 
didn't fix the original problem.

>Don't worry about the proper size right now work on
>getting the stitches down. you could use 32 threads to
>the inch fabric and work over 2 threads. (this will
>give you 16 stitches to the inch). Use a smaller count
>maybe 28 to the inch and work over tow threads) fabric
>if 32 is too small for you.

I'm working over 4 threads now.  You really think I should go to 2 threads?

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