[HNW] stitching knotwork

Susan Farmer sfarmer at utk.edu
Tue Apr 19 09:21:09 PDT 2005

> Here is me being dumb, again.
> Could you explain this a little more, I can't follow what you are talking 
t.  "pieces-parts cross"?  what does this mean please?
> Joy
> Radei

Sorry for the delay -- been out in the woods looking at spring flowers!

As I tell my students, there are no "dumb" or "stupid" questions -- it's the
*not* asking that's stupid or dumb -- ignorance is curable -- stupidity is 

Anyway, where the "arms" of the knotwork cross -- like if you made a 
fat X -- one leg of the X is overtop of the other leg -- do you stitch
both legs, or just stitch the top leg.

Does that help?  If not, I'll try and scan something so you can actually
see it.

Susan (who is a *very* visual learner)

Susan Farmer
sfarmer at goldsword.com
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Tennessee

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