[HNW] "filet brode'" and "dentelle a l'aiguille"

Susan Farmer sfarmer at utk.edu
Wed Apr 20 12:29:38 PDT 2005

> Susan Farmer <sfarmer at utk.edu> wrote:
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> >Found this ..... while checking out those pesky NEXT links ....
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> >Is this ribbon?
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> >http://tinyurl.com/8bpkw
> Title : "Dentelle : tapis de table, filet brod\xe9" is, roughly, "Lace table
> cover, embroidered netting."
> Embroidered netting has about sixty-eleven names:  lacis, darned netting
> (which I always think sounds like a repair, rather than a technique), filet
> lace, et c.  In this case the embroidery on the net is in beautiful color.
> *sigh*
> The Lace Fairy page has the following:
> http://lace.lacefairy.com/ID/FiletID.html
> The links at the bottom of this page lead to more lovely lace-net eye candy!

Unfortunately, a great many of those links are borken.  :-(

Susan/ Jerusha

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