[HNW] FW: possible closing of the American Textile History Museum

Lynn Carpenter alwen at i2k.com
Fri Apr 22 08:38:42 PDT 2005

Received the following from the TSA listserv:

"Lynne Z. Bassett" <lynne at lynnezwoolsey.com> wrote:

Dear Friends,
An announcement recently on the Quilt History List alerted me to the fact
that the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts, is in
serious financial trouble and is facing possible closure.  No decision will
be made until a meeting of the trustees on May 20th, so there is still time
to act.  We CANNOT allow this important museum to leave New England, or
worse yet, to close and disperse its collections.  Please write to the
museum and pledge your support.  I have attached a copy of the letter I sent
today to the ATHM president, Michael Smith, and here is a link to a Lowell
Sun article describing the museum's troubles:
Please pass this message along to anyone who might be interested in helping.
Thank you!


Lynn Carpenter in SW Michigan, USA
alwen at i2k dot com

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