[HNW] Hancock Fabrics - "antique" sewing tools

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These look very similar to a product put out by Dritz. called Elizabeth's 
notions. So far I've only found them in Michael's (and bought using the 
coupons in the Sunday paper). The Dritz product has a wider price range. 
When I checked the website for Dritz and finally found them - Michaels only 
excludes 3 items from what is on the website (and their definition of 
"special order" relates only to items they already stock - they don't go 
outside the box). The Hancock items have a greater range of carrying the 
items in both silver and brass. Michaels is primarily silver. Guess it's 
time to go shopping!
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> This link was posted to h-costume and I thought it might be of interest to 
> list members here.
> <http://www.hancockfabrics.com/jump.jsp?itemID=1229&itemType=CATEGORY&iMainCat=1218&iSubCat=1229&page=1>
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