Ant: [HNW] Everyone in London okay?

Sue Clemenger mooncat at
Thu Jul 7 07:33:25 PDT 2005

Well, actually, I didn't specify a group or groups.  I simply made the 
informed assumption that coordinated explosions of this nature could 
hardly be accidental, so they must have been purposeful, and I can't 
think of any anonymous violence of that scale and level of coordination 
that hasn't proven (either historically or more recently) to be of some 
sort of political or religious nature, done with the intent to disrupt 
and cause fear, which is a pretty good off-the-cuff definition of 
terrorism, in my book.

Anna von Silvenhain wrote:

> not wanting to be political,
> but at the moment it is not certain, _who_ did it and
> why it did happen. You can only guess.
> untill now all of our members in London are fine, I'll
> tell, If I know more.
> greetings from Germany,
> Anna
> --- Sue Clemenger <mooncat at> schrieb:
>>I was horrified to read in the news this morning
>>that some damned 
>>terrorist group was setting off bombs in London

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