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1) I believe IIRC the mongol invasion of Japan<failed, the "Divine Wind"
ie:"Komakase"> was done on silk.  Of Course many examples of the Great
Flood. And I have seen photography of a needlework "the Sack of
Constatanople", although I do not remember where, only that it is in a
book I do not own.

2) As to what I would do, IMHO, it is far better to commerate the Good in
the world, then the Bad.  Although, as a typical Russian, I do have a
synical side, "Bad is normal, good is a gift". SO I would not express
this act in art, but remember and pray for the souls of those on both
sides<victums and initiators>.  Assuming that it was Initiated<I have not
read, and really do not want to know.> it is over, we must live on and
wait for the next disaster.



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  Greetings. What happened in London today was absolutely terrible!  I
  think all of us agree that those that have suffered this terrible
  incident are deserving of our prayers and/or compassionate thoughts. 
  To bring this to a "thread" for historic-needlework.... 1.  Does
  anyone have links or knowledge of representations of natural
  disastors or catastrophies done in needlework?  2.  If you were to
  design something to represent your feelings of the tragedy, what
  would you do? To get things rolling, I'll answer first... 1. 
  Depending on what side you are on, the Bayeux(sp?) Tapestry could be
  considered a catastrophy.  I know there's some great stuff out of the
  Hardwick Halls Textiles, but most representations I can remember seem
  to be of positive and uplifting tone.  In recent history I think the
  AIDS traveling Quilt would be another good example... 2. I really
  have no idea what I would do because I'm still attempting to grasp
  what happened today.  However, I keep getting a mental image of a
  northern light effect on black velvet starting with a dark red
  metallic outline of craggy mountains and the northern lights
  streaming over the mountains being a blue at the bottom and
  shimmering up through the blue/green to as light a soft green as
  possible. Mountains maybe in a chain stitch?  Northern lights in a
  staggered satin stitch. 3.  I do know that I will be doing something
  embroidery today...I'm mad at what happened and I've always found
  something Zen and emotionally satisfying when irritated to stab an
  inanimate object (field cloth) with a sharp pointy object (my
  needle)!!  :-) So...what would you do?  :-) Nikki

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