[HNW] needlework in summer heat

Lynn Carpenter alwen at i2k.com
Mon Jul 11 12:51:02 PDT 2005

"Bjarne og Leif Drews" <drewscph at post12.tele.dk> wrote:

>We have a heatwawe in Denmark right now, and this gives me the earge to ask 
>you all : How do you compete with the heat and oily fingers all the time. 
>Does this make you stop your needlework or what?

If I have to tat outside, sometimes the heat will make me stop.  My fingers
sweat enough that the thread will swell and tatted rings won't close.
Michigan heat often comes with high humidity, 75 to 100 percent, and even
if my fingers did not sweat a lot, the moisture does not evaporate very
quickly in the humidity.

Another moisture danger is that if you have a cold drink on a hot humid
day, the cup or glass sweats so much that when you take a drink your hands
get too wet to tat!

When I do outdoor demonstrations in August, I take along alcohol wipes to
dry and clean my hands.

And although I used to tough out the heat, the older I get, the more likely
I am to turn on the air conditioner.

Lynn Carpenter in SW Michigan, USA
alwen at i2k dot com

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