[HNW] The Creation Tapestry of the Girona Cathedral

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I'd also be interested in finding out exactly when the Bayeux  "tapestry" 
started to be called a tapestry rather than an embroidery. 14th  century? 
century? Does anyone have any sources that discuss the  earliest descriptions 
mentions of the work?

Please, oh please, even putting the word tapestry in inverted commas should  
be avoided at all costs!  Let's all put our hands on our hearts and pledge  to 
call these textiles what they are -- embroideries -- and leave the  word 
tapestry to the weaving folks.  We can join forces with the  needlepointers who 
spend their lives telling people that what they do is not  tapestry!
And there is an excellent paper in the compilation of papers from the  Cerisy 
Colloquium that discusses exactly this subject.  I'll get it out and  post 
the pertinent bits later.
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