[HNW] making the back of needlework look like the front

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Tue Jul 19 17:42:49 PDT 2005

The main idea in this is simply to be neat in your work method.  No knots,
no thread loops and etc.  You can, with some types of needlework make
almost an exact copy of the front and of course there is the oriental
embroidery where you are doing two entirely different embroideries at once
- one on the front and another on the back.  I have seen this in person and
still cannot figure out how they do it!  I learned that the embroiderer
began studying at age twelve and was now 29 and amazingly, even with the
detail of the work she did not need glasses!

Basically, if you carefully pull your thread through the back stitches and
cut it neatly your work should look fine.  The main idea is that you have
no mistakes on the front of the piece and most assuredly don't let your
mistakes show on the back.  Just be careful and don't make mistakes, it's
as simply as that.  And NO KNOTS, please.

Grainna an Acla

Paet Burcham
frogpondcottage at earthlink.net

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> Subject: [HNW] making the back of needlework look like the front
> It is said that the mark of an expert needlework is that the back looks
> as good as the front.  Okay, so how does one do that?  Especially in
> counted cross stitch, there can be several different colors in an area
> that are one square a piece.  If you run your thread under the other
> threads in the back, you quickly have a mess.  Crewel embroidery is a
> little easier, especially if you are doing the satin stitch (it hides a
> multitude of sins) but not when you are using other stitches.  Any ideas
> would be appreciated.
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