[HNW] purses again.

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oh so pretty

&quot;Bjarne og Leif Drews&quot; 
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+0200<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Hi,<br>&gt;I made another embroidery for ladies 
purses. This is so fun to do, i <br>&gt;have made 5 embroideries 
now.<br>&gt;The last one here is worked entirely with silk 
threads.<br>&gt;Eterna Stranded Silk Floss for the leaves and stems, with 
<br>&gt;Scallamandre Silk also, and Gumnut Buds wich are handdyed for the 
<br>&gt;bullion roses.<br>&gt;It takes me longer time to make the silk 
thread embroideries, as the <br>&gt;2 strands i use is much thinner than 
cotton, and i therefore have to <br>&gt;work many more stitches.<br>&gt;My 
backs are neat, i try to keep them as tidy as possible, to avoid 
<br>&gt;bulks in the 
og Bjarne 
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