[HNW] Re: finding embroidery, craft shows in your area

Lisa Tyson Lisa_Tyson at umit.maine.edu
Thu Jul 21 10:15:03 PDT 2005

Stephanie Smith wrote: 

>How do you find embroidery (crewel or counted cross stitch) shows, or
>craft shows with a big embroidery component, in your area?  What web
>sites do you read, what magazines do you read, ect.?  How do you find out
>about embroidery or counted cross stitch contests?

Contact your municipality about the schedule of local state fairs. They may
have this information on a town website or you can find out more by
calling the town clerk. 

Find a needlework group in your area (EGA chapter).
Talk to people at the specialty needlework shops in your area
or any craft store that has a decent selection of embroidery supplies. 

Ask about competitions at framing shops. 

Read community bulletin boards (sometimes there is a devoted
tv channel, weekly newspaper column, actual cork bulletin 
board with flyers at businesses and community centers). 

You are better off getting out and away from your computer
if you want to really find the people who organize these
activities. It will give you a chance to understand what criteria
are used to judge the needlework. 

Lisa Tyson

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