[HNW] Help and/or ideas needed.

Donna S. Mallory, CPA DSMallory at waymark.net
Thu Jul 28 12:51:40 PDT 2005

I have been researching the c.1540 Bronzino portrait of Lucrezia Panitochi
(sp)the one with the pink dress, dark plum slashed oversleeves, and puffy
pink upper sleeves.  The stumper is the proper way to manipulate the fabric
to recreate the partlet.  My opinion is that it was some type of Italian
smocking or shirring to make the chevron pattern with bands of overstitching
(soumak I think) about every 4-5".  Has anyone had any success duplicating
this look or have any ideas on how it was done and where I can find
instructions to do it?

The other question is the hem on the chemise sleeves.  If you magnify it
greatly there is a picot like edge.  It does not look like lace.  Probably
some sort of decorative edge stitch with picots or hemstitching with picots.
I'm fighting a deadline and any and all help or ideas would be appreciated.

You can see a similar type of partlet on the Bronzino portrait of a lady
with her little boy--only the design runs vertically instead of horizontally
as on Lucrezia's portrait.

http://www.arca.net/uffizi/img/736.jpg  Lucrezia Portrait

http://www.nga.gov/cgi-bin/pimage?1146+0+0  Portrait of Young Woman with Her
Little Boy

Both paintings are Florentine c 1540.


Anne the Spinster
mka Donna Mallory

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