[HNW] Help and/or ideas needed.

Catherine Olanich Raymond cathy at thyrsus.com
Thu Jul 28 20:50:54 PDT 2005

On Thursday 28 July 2005 3:51 pm, Donna S. Mallory, CPA wrote:
> I have been researching the c.1540 Bronzino portrait of Lucrezia Panitochi
> (sp)the one with the pink dress, dark plum slashed oversleeves, and puffy
> pink upper sleeves.  The stumper is the proper way to manipulate the fabric
> to recreate the partlet.  My opinion is that it was some type of Italian
> smocking or shirring to make the chevron pattern with bands of
> overstitching (soumak I think) about every 4-5".  Has anyone had any
> success duplicating this look or have any ideas on how it was done and
> where I can find instructions to do it?

> The other question is the hem on the chemise sleeves.  If you magnify it
> greatly there is a picot like edge.  It does not look like lace.  Probably
> some sort of decorative edge stitch with picots or hemstitching with
> picots. I'm fighting a deadline and any and all help or ideas would be
> appreciated.

You may want to look at this woman's dress diary; she also recreated the dress 
from that portrait:


The diary talks about the chemise (there's a link to a separate page, scroll 
down for it).  I don't see a reference to the partlet, but I remember that 
she made one.  I think she talked about it in her LiveJournal; I expect 
there's be a link to the LiveJournal somewhere from the diary or related 
pages.  Good luck!

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