[HNW] Westphalia box help needed

Robert Romberger jestar at verizon.net
Sun Jul 31 18:53:49 PDT 2005

My good wife and I are trying to work on a combined art entry for the 
Adrian Empire, using the Westphalia box as inspiration. The Web site: 
http://www.doctorbeer.com/joyce/emb/westbox/westbox.htm gives great info 
for the embroidery, but little info on the box construction (my part of the 
entry). Before I get too far along and have to restart the box, again, can 
somebody please take a look at the Web site and see if the box has any sort 
of hinge. I think it might have a hinge made of linen - the base linen that 
covers everything - but can't determine it for certain. Of course, anyone 
who might have seen this box and knows for sure if there is or isn't a 
hinge is welcome to chime in. My wife has sent an e-mail off to the author 
of the Web site, but has not heard anything back yet. Since I am in the 
midst of gluing the box together, I need to figure out how to make the 
hinge if it has one. Also, anyone that has any clearer pictures of the box, 
especially of the hinge/non-hinge area!, please let me know. I'd love to 
see some more detail on the construction of the box!  :)

(back to semi-lurk mode due to too much school/work)
Sir Robert "Jestar" de la Fonteyne

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criminal. Erich Fromm

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