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Fletcher Martha mrfletcher21133 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 17:33:38 PST 2005

I have used magnifiers to help me with my stitching
for over 20 years. No eye strain for me!

There is no need to struggle with small count fabric.
There are many different types of magnifiers on the
marget and I even have a couple different ones that I
switch out depending on my project. 

Find one that suits you and don't be afraid of the
more complicated patterns just because they are hard
to see with the naked eye.


--- Penny Ladnier <penny at costumegallery.com> wrote:

> I am planning on making this Egyptian cross-stitch
> sampler:
> (make sure to include the # sign in the URL).  This
> is going to be really challenging for me... a lot of
> new stitches, two different colored threads as one,
> etc.
> The book says to not use aida cloth but cloth and to
> work the stitches over one fabric thread.  Has
> anyone worked a pattern similar to this one?  If so,
> what type of fabric do you suggest I use?  My vision
> isn't as good as when I was 20 y.o. when I could
> count threads in a piece of regular fabric.   16
> count aida cloth is what I usually use without
> magnifying aids.  So I am concerned if I am going to
> run into problems with regular cloth.  What kind of
> cloth do you all suggest that I use?
> The sampler's suggest the size:
> 25 ct fabric (over 2 threads) finish 12 7/8" X 15
> 7/8"
> 160w X 198h stitch count.  
> Does this mean that if I use a 25 count fabric that
> I am to work over two threads instead of one?  Also
> how do I know the count on a piece of fabric.
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