[HNW] Re: recreating historical needlework pieces

Catherine Kinsey ckinsey at kumc.edu
Mon Nov 14 06:58:57 PST 2005

When recreating period pieces, how do you tell which stitch they used
from the photographs available?  Most of them are not close-ups and it
difficult to see the individual stitches.  The blurb may say what
stitches are in the piece, but they don't say where in the work each
of stitch is. 

Stephanie Lilburn
What everyone else said :).

More seriously, I've found it a 3-step process; find the best written
description, hopefully w/ listing of stitches (Schutte & Muller are my
bible for this), find the best photo available (not always in the same
resource as the written description), then make a test piece to compare.
 I've learned a *lot* with those test pieces.


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