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I haven't seen it in person, darn it, (no pun intended), but a pretty good picture of it, with a *nice* close up of one section, does show up in a book I purchased at the V&A in 2002.  The book is called "Samplers from the Victoria and Albert Museum," and was written by Clare Browne and Jennifer Wearden.
The part that's shown as an enlarged image is the pelican image in the upper left corner (above the crucifixion scene), and as far as I can tell, the entire image is done in cross stitch.  I didn't see any elongated "legs" on any of the stitches, at any rate.
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  I have decided to replicate a German sampler from around 1500-1550 that is in the V&A museum.  It is done on linen fabric with silk thread.  The stitches are cross stitch and long armed cross stitch.  Has anyone seen this in person or found a pattern that would tell me which stitch to use for each part of the sampler?  any help would be appreciated.

  The Museum number of the work is T.114-1956.  If you put that in the search box, it will bring up the work.  Or, you can go to this page:


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