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I have decided to replicate a German sampler from around 1500-1550 that  is 
in the V&A museum.  It is done on linen fabric with silk  thread.  The stitches 
are cross stitch and long armed cross stitch.   Has anyone seen this in 
person or found a pattern that would tell me which  stitch to use for each part of 
the sampler?  any help would be  appreciated.
The Museum number of the work is T.114-1956.  If you put that in the  search 
box, it will bring up the work.  Or, you can go to this  page:

   I love that piece! I was sad in the fact that I didn't get to  see it on 
display when I went to the V&A. It was one of the  pieces I specifically looked 
for in the study room.
   The book "Samplers from the Victoria and Albert Museum" by  Clare Browne 
has a great color picture of the sampler in it that I was able to  chart 
several of the designs from myself. 
   If you have a specific design in mind that you want to chart,  I will take 
a look at the book and see if I can help you more.
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