[HNW] OT: Braiding something ?

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Lady Flidais,  Do you mean finger crocheting single stitch, using your fingers instead of a crochet hook?  Make a loop and reach through and pull the main threads through to make a loop, tighten and then reach through the loop that makes for the main threads, etc?
Lady Cerise

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Subject: [HNW] OT: Braiding something ?
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> I'm wondering about a braiding technique, I want to
> make a quick rope
> and someone showed me quickly how to make one with
> some embroidery
> floss.  You take four strands of string, loop in half
> and braid.  Does
> anyone know what this is called so I can look it up on
> the net, or if
> you know how could you email me how?  It's for a quick
> project I need to
> do today, PLEASE help.  Thank you.
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