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> From: "Hanson, Carol" <CHANSON at PARTNERS.ORG>
> Hi, Stephanie,
> I can't help on the stitch part, but I can offer a few other
> suggestions.
> The best color plate I've seen is in this book:
> King, Donald, and Santina Levey. The Victoria & Albert Museum's
> Textile Collection: Embroidery in Britain from 1200 to 1750. New
> York: Canopy Books, 1993.

Are you sure that this is in King & Levey?  I'm not seeing it there at
all.  I think the earliest sampler that they have is the Bostocke


> From: Stephanie S Smith, Ph.D.
> I have decided to replicate a German sampler from around 1500-1550
> that is in the V&A museum.  It is done on linen fabric with silk
> thread.  The stitches are cross stitch and long armed cross stitch.
> Has anyone seen this in person or found a pattern that would tell me
> which stitch to use for each part of the sampler?  any help would be
> appreciated.
> 0
> The Museum number of the work is T.114-1956.  If you put that in the
> search box,
on and

> it will bring up the work.  Or, you can go to this page:

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