German Sampler (was RE: [HNW] question) skinner02 at
Sun Nov 20 06:18:20 PST 2005

At the present time, the Bostock sampler is the oldest reliably dated English sampler in known collections.  Several of us have looked at a sampler at The Museum of London and although not dated, feel that it is a Tudor sampler, possibly preceding the Bostock sampler.

When looking at the Bostock needlework, I am impressed by my feeling that it is very influenced by European embroidery as well as early modelbuchen examples.  The needlewoman certainly had access to luxury materials and sophisticated design sources.

Linn Skinner

I was always under the impression that its claim to fame (besides some nifty
needlework) was that it was the earliest *dated* sampler, since the date was
sewn into the sampler itself.
There are older samplers, but none of them can be so precisely dated....

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