German Sampler (was RE: [HNW] question)

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Sun Nov 20 06:41:05 PST 2005

Do you know of  any way to get an image of that sampler at the MoL?  I'd be 
very interested to see it.

At 09:18 AM 11/20/05, you wrote:
>At the present time, the Bostock sampler is the oldest reliably dated 
>English sampler in known collections.  Several of us have looked at a 
>sampler at The Museum of London and although not dated, feel that it is a 
>Tudor sampler, possibly preceding the Bostock sampler.
>When looking at the Bostock needlework, I am impressed by my feeling that 
>it is very influenced by European embroidery as well as early modelbuchen 
>examples.  The needlewoman certainly had access to luxury materials and 
>sophisticated design sources.
>Linn Skinner


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