[HNW] hoops, frames, and other tensioning devices

Betsy Marshall betsy at softwareinnovation.com
Tue Nov 22 18:42:28 PST 2005

Now I have to ask, how do you use slate as a frame/tension device?

 I think of slate as chalkboard or roofing tiles..

Any illustrative pictures available?

Thanks and curious, Betsy



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"Once you use slate, there's just no debate!"


I use all types, but for that special work that I want to look just right,
the slate frame is the only way to go.  


You're right, it's getting harder and harder to find real wood ones (love
your descript!) they are worth finding.


When I was doing recreationist work I used a 3/4" round wood hoop

My favorite handwork hoop is a late 70's orange plastic one that I've
replaced the tension screw on twice.

A lot of stuff I do in hand (no hoop)...


but if I could only have one hoop to use for the rest of my life, although
there is work and effort getting it set up, the slate frame gives the
absolute best result!


But that's just my opinion ymmv...I even contradict myself on this



"Susan B. Far! mer" <sfarmer at goldsword.com> wrote:

What do y'all use to stitch with?

I know that there are a couple of rectangular frame "kits" readily
available at A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby and places like that. Which
manufacturer's frame do you like best?

What about hoops? plastic or wooden? Is it possible to get a
high-quality wooden frame any more? I have a couple of *really* nice
ones from the 60s (or maybe earlier) that are made out of "real" wood
as opposed to "basketry reed" or something equally flimsy for
embroidery use. I've even got a metal one that was my grandmothers --
it's lined in cork.

Eagerly awaiting your replies ...

Susan Farmer
sfarmer at goldsword.com
University of Tennessee
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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