[HNW] hoops, frames, and other tensioning devices

Bjarne og Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
Wed Nov 23 07:54:02 PST 2005

I use for large projekts, a professional rectangular frame where you sew on 
your fabric to the frame. Its a floor frame, wich i can tilt and work in 
nice positions with. Mostly i embroider on it on a vertical angle so that i 
have the front against me when i sit with it. Every time i have finished 
projekts on this, i steam my embroidery to make the silk threads to tension 
out nicely, and when it has standed for an hour, i can take it down.
I can have large projekts on it, like jackets and waistcoats.
For smaller projekts, purses and the like, i sit with a wooden hoop frame.


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