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Bjarne og Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
Thu Nov 24 11:19:33 PST 2005

I dont know the names for things in english sorry.
But the frame is rectangle. On the long sides it has round "pegs"? with a 
strong wowen band, on wich you sew your fabric on. On the other sides, it 
has "pegs" with holes in them so that you can make sewing stitches to the 
I can roll the long bars to tighten the fabric, and also roll more fabric on 
if the fabric is wider than the frame. These are screwed tight.
The link for my frame is here:

Tilt floor frame is the name.


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>>I use a slate roller floor frame.
> OK now *I'm* totally confused...so you roll the fabric on the rods and 
> then tension with the pegs???
> Do you have a pic?
> Thanks
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