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Fri Nov 25 16:22:53 PST 2005


Am new to this list.

Just thought I'd add to the 'slate frame' discussion, in case it helps with 
any of the confusion :o)

It's actually a very old design - there's a medieval illustration (14thC 
offhand, but may be a later) of a woman embroidering using a very similar frame to 
the classic frame still used today (although the medieval legs are trestles, 
with the frame apparently balanced on top).

Modern slate frames are quite well illustrated here, 
and in use, here 
and here (at the bottom of the page)  
(don't get mixed up by the stands - they're separate)

It takes a good couple of hours to set up a proper slate frame (and I admit I 
cheat for small projects and tend to use a version from barnyarns, (in north 
yorkshire), that's a lot quicker to set up and almost as good, or a wooden 
hoop, or my square stitch-on frame).


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