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Bjarne og Leif Drews drewscph at post12.tele.dk
Sat Nov 26 07:45:46 PST 2005

Hi Carol.
We have a huge library at the museum of decorative arts in Copenhagen. I 
think they have any book you would want, but it is not all the books wich 
you can borrow home. Some have to be studyed at the library,
But ill keep these books in mind next time i go there!

Many thanks

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> Bjarne, your work is always a treat to see.
> Do you have Interlibrary Loan in Denmark, so that you could have your 
> library borrow some books for you?  I think you would enjoy a book series 
> that is out of print.  Two of the titles are Exploring Elizabethan 
> Embroidery (0473036347) and Festive Elizabethan Embroidery.  The author is 
> Georgeson, and they were published in Austrailia.
> They have many lovely patterns, plus instructions on how to do the 
> stitches.
> At 08:00 AM 11/26/05, you wrote:
>>Ahhhhh finally i got my own posts, i dont know why but i didnt get these 
>>for 2 days.
>>Hi the list,
>>I finished the purse with the Richard Shroleyker pattern from "A 
>>for the needle 1632)
>>This is for a friend i exchange christmas holliday gifts with.
>>Picture is a little dull, because we miss the sun here in the cold 
>>I have started to embroider an extra stocmacher for the yellow dress, a
>>simple serpentine rose wreath, pictures of that later...........
>>Happy stitching to you all...........
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