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Laren laren at webcon.net.au
Mon Nov 28 16:31:57 PST 2005

At 11:17 AM 29/11/2005, you wrote:
>Personally, I like to embroider on satin -- It's a nice heavy fabric that 
>really spiffy when you embroider on it.
>I want to do some more authentic embroidery (SCA, pre-17th century).  What's
>your favorite ground fabric (I'm assuming linen) and who's your favorite 
>for said fabric.


I am in love with wool at the moment, such a forgiving fabric and the 
threads, even the fine ones, are so much bigger than silk, you seem to 
cover alot of area very quickly.

I am actually thinking of another big project at the moment, using wool. 
One of the problems with recreating early period clothing is that if you 
want to use wool, you are usually stuck with either plain colours or some 
sort of check. I am thinking of finding a nice design, getting some plain 
wool and then doing all over embroidery on it, then making that fabric up 
into some sort of tunic. But I need to find a good design first. And some 
nice wool fabric, which is hard at the best of times but impossible now as 
we head into summer.

But I also love working with linen, especially for any sort of free form 
embroidery, silk is nice too.

I think any natural fibre is a joy to work with.

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