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Kathryn Newell cknewell at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 7 10:44:46 PDT 2006

I have a small stack of articles I photocopied some years back. Two are 
from Waffen-und-Kostumkunde (I think they live at Temple University library 
in Philadelphia).  I kept a few, but I admit to copying some because I 
thought some SCA needlework mavens might find them of use.

They are ALL in German.  Sorry!

1. "überreste von Leinenunterzeug aus der zweiten Hälfte des XV Jahrhunderts 
in Finnlands Nationalmuseum" (from 1960).

This 8 page articles has a couple of photos of extant babies' bodices, and 
some primary sources showing what they might have looked like (including a 
Holbein picture of a babe-in-arms which gives a really great view of this 
kind of bodice).

2. "Die ungarische Galakleidung im XVI adn XVII Jahrhunderts"

A 21 page article on Hungarian royal clothing, with some line drawings. One 
photo is captioned as being an over gown of Queen  Maria. There is a close 
up of the brocade pattern in that garment (alas, b &w!) There is a line 
diagram (not to scale) for reconstructing this gown. I wish I had had access 
to this when I did my SCA booklets on Hungarian garb (as well as Russian and 
Polish, all those years ago).


I also have a 14-page  article that my friend kindly copied for me-- I think 
she was trying to nudge me into researching table carpets (nice try, 

King, Donald, "The C arpet Collection of Cardinal Wolsey", from "Oriental 
Carpet &TExtiles Studies", Edited by Robert Pinner and Walter B. Denny, 
Published in association with HALI Magazine, London, 1985.

If anyone is interested in one, two, or all of three articles, please 
contact me off-list.

I'd really reather not throw them away, so I hope someone on the List would 
find them useful. If there are no takers I'll try again after Labor Day 
(Post Pensic War).. I'm tryingto clean out myfiels!

SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries....too little time"

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