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Friends - I received the following email.  Please read and, hopefully, 
someone will know the answer to this.
"In searching the Royal-Needlework web-site, I've come across your contact 
information, and am hoping for referrals for schools teaching techniques for 
ribbonry and ribbon embroidery as it was applied when arriving in Europe 
centuries ago.  I've read references to the design house by the name of " 
Bouesrs" I know this spelling is incorrect, but am sure you are familiar to 
whom I refer."

Thanks in advance for any help you can give. (I know absolutely nothing 
about silk ribbon!)
Barbara Jackson
Pearsall's Silks
Tristan Brooks Designs

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| Thank you everyone who responded to my request to find the articles a 
| They found homes with two gentles, so you can stop emailing me now.
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