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The classic would probably be Richard Rutt's "A History of Hand Knitting."
I believe that the 2nd edition is in print, and at a relatively reasonable
cost, but that it doesn't have the color photos that the 1st edition does.
You can still, sometimes, find a first edition (I did), but the cost is
substantially higher.  It's got some nice chapters on extant items from
medieval and Renaissance Europe--alms bags, hats, etc., as well as a small
section on Islamic textiles, and earlier forms of fabric construction such
as naalbinding.  And later stuff, too.
There's some stuff out there by Irene Turnau, too, but all I've seen of hers
is some translations of a few articles, and people referring to her other
work.  She's apparently pretty hard to find, and not all of it's translated,
or translated well.  IIRC, the original's in Polish.
You might also point your friend to the Historical Knitting group on Yahoo!.
We cover everything up to the 1950s, more or less, although we seem to
cluster heavily in the middle ages/renaissance and the 18th and 19th
centuries.  There are some *amazing* people on the list whom your friend
might find very helpful as resources, plus, there's always interesting stuff
in the files and photos sections.
--Sue (embroidery and knitting geek, among other things ;o)

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> Can anyone recommend any good books on knitting relevant to the
Renaissance period?
> I'm an embroidery enthusiast myself, but have a friend that's interested
in getting started in Renaissance era knitting and I would like to get her a
related book for Christmas.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> Genevieve

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