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Catherine Olanich Raymond cathy at thyrsus.com
Sat Dec 2 08:47:26 PST 2006

On Saturday 02 December 2006 11:15 am, Sue Clemenger wrote:
> There's some stuff out there by Irene Turnau, too, but all I've seen of
> hers is some translations of a few articles, and people referring to her
> other work.  She's apparently pretty hard to find, and not all of it's
> translated, or translated well.  IIRC, the original's in Polish.

When I ordered NESAT VIII from the Institute of Archaeology & Ethnology of the 
Polish Academy of Sciences, they sent me their latest (2005) catalog.  
Turnau's book on the history of knitting was listed as one of their 
offerings, for 19 Euros plus 5 Euros postage.  Now, the 5 Euros means that 
they send it by the local equivalent of Media Mail (because my NESAT took 
forever to arrive) but it is pretty cheap!

The Institute takes Master Card, VIsa, American Express and Diners Club 
International.  Or you can send them an International Money Order.  (I don't 
know if they will take an American check or not).

Their mailing address is 

Institute of Archaeology & Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, AI
Solidarnosci 105
00-140 Warszawa, POLAND

Or you can e-mail them for more information at 
bookshop at iaepan.edu.pl

If you need to pay by International Money Order, the catalog says to send it 

BPH-PBK S.A. VIII O/Warszawa No. PL 28106000760000401030212753

The edition in question is the 1991 edition which is in English.

Good luck!

Cathy Raymond <cathy at thyrsus.com>

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