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On Saturday 02 December 2006 4:41 pm, you wrote:
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> >>  There's some stuff out there by Irene Turnau, too, but all I've seen of
> >>  hers is some translations of a few articles, and people referring to
> >> her other work.  She's apparently pretty hard to find, and not all of
> >> it's translated, or translated well.  IIRC, the original's in Polish.
> >
> >When I ordered NESAT VIII from the Institute of Archaeology & Ethnology of
> > the Polish Academy of Sciences, they sent me their latest (2005) catalog.
> > Turnau's book on the history of knitting was listed as one of their
> > offerings, for 19 Euros plus 5 Euros postage.  Now, the 5 Euros means
> > that they send it by the local equivalent of Media Mail (because my NESAT
> > took forever to arrive) but it is pretty cheap!
> In English? Or in Polish?

The catalog says it's the 1991 edition and that it's in English.

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