[HNW] framing/mounting a needlework piece

Alexandria Doyle garbaholic at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 14:32:45 PST 2006

Hi all, I have a needlepoint piece that my mother did thirty years ago.  The
piece is large, it's like 26 x 30 poster size, of a varigated blue chinese
dragon weaving in and out of the clouds.  It's worked in wool and standard
needlepoint canvas.  She did sign and date it as well, so I know exactly
when it was made.

She mounted it into a standard matte, I think with a backing board.  I think
once she got tired of it, she passed it onto me because I collect dragons.
I've managed to hang it out of direct sunlight so it's in pretty good
shape.  The matte though is in bad shape and needs to be replaced.

I'd like to remount/frame this piece, but first I want to find out the best
way to do so, so it can be preserved and displayed properly.  As with
everyone else, cost is a concern and I'd rather not spend any more on it
than I can help, and I always enjoy doing these things myself, though I've
never done it before.

What should I watch out for?  types of frammes?  Mattes?
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