[HNW] framing/mounting a needlework piece

Catherine Kinsey Ckinsey at kumc.edu
Thu Dec 7 06:24:14 PST 2006

Hi all, I have a needlepoint piece that my mother did thirty years ago. 
piece is large, it's like 26 x 30 poster size, of a varigated blue
dragon weaving in and out of the clouds.  It's worked in wool and
needlepoint canvas.  She did sign and date it as well, so I know
when it was made. <snip>
I'd like to remount/frame this piece, but first I want to find out the
way to do so, so it can be preserved and displayed properly.  As with
everyone else, cost is a concern and I'd rather not spend any more on
than I can help, and I always enjoy doing these things myself, though
never done it before.

What should I watch out for?  types of frammes?  Mattes?

Sounds like you have a beautiful heirloom piece from your mother.  I
would suggest acid-free matte board both to mount and frame the piece,
and UV-protectant glass.  I've seen some debate about using glass as it
does not allow air circulation or vacuming.  If there is to be any
exposure to sunlight I recommend it however.

I've framed most of my own work with moderate success.  Most hobby
stores carry the  matte board and glass in their framing departments. 
You can usually get the board and glass pre-cut to your measurements. 
The ubiquitous coupons can also help defray this cost, and the cost of
frames.  My favorite hunting ground for frames though is a thrift store.
 I carry a piece of newspaper cut to the size I am looking for to be
sure I get the right fit.  A lot of fun, different, and eclectic styles
show up in thrift stores :).

My biggest frustration seems to be getting it square/even in the frame.
 There are a couple of websites with instructions for lacing needlework
for framing, just give yourself a lot of time, and thread, the first
time you try it.  


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